Fish Species Guide

The types overview listed below consists of fish you will certainly discover on our rivers as well as our lakes. Some of our lakes are equipped with just one types, others have a combination of fish which could complete even more compared to a loads types, developing a wealth and also selection that makes BC, the finest fresh water angling location in the globe.

Black Crappie

Has a varied diet regimen varying from smaller sized fish consisting of those of its killers (consisting of North Pike, Walleye) to zooplankton, shellfishes and also pests. Much less energetic at daytime as well as has the tendency to be discovered in weed beds as well as under immersed things like stones as well as logs. A prominent selection for ice-fishing as they are energetic throughout the winter season.

Try to find: Mouth encompasses leading edge of student

Area: Chilliwack Lake, Mill Lake

Creek Trout

A misnamed participant of the char family members commonly located in the cooler streams as well as smaller sized hill lakes as they could make it through extreme winter season problems far better compared to their equivalents. Their diet plan is composed mostly of pests and also shrimp. They installed a great battle and also make a great dish!

Seek: Red places with blue halos, worm-like markings on back as well as dorsal fin, Pinkish-orange combined fins interrupted white.

Area: Lindeman Lake

Bull Trout

They feed mostly on pests, eggs as well as tiny fish. Being a slow-moving expanding as well as prone fish, they are commonly subject to laws to avoid over angling.

Search for: Big, wide squashed head, top jaw contours down, no worm-like markings on dorsal fin, body squashed on bottom, creamy colored to pinkish areas smaller sized compared to student, white leading sides on reduced fins.

Place: Chehalis Lake

Chinook Salmon

Many commonly discovered in BC’s biggest rivers, these are the biggest of the Pacific Salmon. Have earlier movement compared to their equivalents (as early as March on the Fraser River) yet hold-up spawning up until Autumn when they going for smaller sized tributaries.

Ideal Angling: June via September

Search for: Black mouth and also periodontals, Round areas on both wattles of tail.

Area: Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Fraser River

Friend Salmon

Pal are conveniently misinterpreted for Sockeye, with the exception of their upright dark bars as they near river mouths and also the reality they are normally bigger compared to Sockeye. Understood for their resolution, their fry do not throw away whenever as well as head right for the sea where they invest the following 4-7 years.

Ideal Angling: Late September with late November

Search for: Purple touches or upright bars (in freshwater), No Places

Area: Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Fraser River

Coastal Cutthroat Trout

A close loved one of Rainbow Trout, they could be located in many lakes as well as rivers along the seaside landmass as well as fishermens could usually experience them while angling for Steelhead. They are a predacious fish feeding generally on Kokanee, Sculpins as well as Sticklebacks and also a selection of pests.

Ideal Angling: March though Might (throughout salmon fry movement) and also July with September (Stickleback Spawn).

Try to find: Huge mouth expanding well previous eye, hefty finding throughout, pale red reduce under jaw, teeth in throat at rear of tongue.

Place: Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Deer Lake, Devils Lake, Plants Lake, Fraser River, Elegance Lake, Harrison Lake, Hicks Lake, Jones Lake, Kawkawa Lake, Lindeman Lake

Coho Salmon

The brilliant silver Coho has an online reputation for being a wild, irregular as well as spirited fish as well as is one of the most treasured of all river run salmon. They normally invest 18 months in our seaside waters then go back to their house stream as 3 years of age.

Ideal Angling: September with mid-November

Search for: Black mouth as well as tongue, white gum tissues, a couple of rounded places on top wattle of tail just.

Area: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Kawkawa Lake

Dolly Varden

A participant of the Char family members, Dolly Varden are typically captured while angling for Cutthroat and also Rainbow Trout. Their diet plan is composed of pests, eggs and also little fish.

Seek: Creamy colored to pinkish areas, biggest places smaller sized compared to student, no worm-like markings on dorsal fin, white leading side on reduced fins, oblong snake-like body.

Area: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Harrison Lake, Kawkawa Lake, Pierce Lake


The Same to Sockeye Salmon other than that they are landlocked. Conveniently recognizable by their slim silver bodies as well as forked tail and also their stunning red colour throughout generating in late summer season.

Seek: No distinctive black areas on sides, long rectal fin (13+ rays).

Area: Chilliwack Lake, Cultus Lake, Hicks Lake, Jones Lake, Kawkawa Lake,.

Lake Trout.

An additional misnamed participant of the Char household usually located in huge, deep as well as cool lakes. Sluggish development has the tendency to lead to the most effective durability among fish types. They generate in the autumn and also are unknowned for setting up a wonderful battle, nevertheless their significant dimension produces a rewarding catch.

Search for: Worm-like markings on back as well as dorsal fin, deeply forked tail.

Place: Fraser River.

Lake Whitefish.

Lake whitefish generate from September via January in water 2 to 4 metres in deepness. All-natural killers consist of burbot, lake trout as well as north pike.

Try to find: Huge ranges, weakly developed/missing teeth, adipose fin, colouration is olive-green to blue on the back, with silvery sides, little mouth listed below a spherical nose, and also a deeply forked tail.

Place: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Harrison Lake, Hicks Lake.

Pink Salmon.

Popular among fly-fishers, pinks are the tiniest of the salmon yet offset their dimension by setting up a vibrant battle. Their fry currently bring the silvery colour of smolts as well as promptly move to the sea where they’ll invest the following 18 months.

Ideal Angling: Mid August with very early October (years finishing in strange numbers– eg. 2009, 2011 and so on.).

Seek: White mouth, black periodontals, little ranges, big oblong places, filthy white tummy in freshwater.

Place: Chilliwack River, Fraser River.

Rainbow Trout.

The celebrity entertainer of the trout household, these are belonging to several streams as well as lakes in BC as well as have actually been recognized to mature to 35pounds. Their durable nature makes them an exceptional sportfish and also they are routinely equipped throughout BC. In rivers and also lakes their diet plan includes little shrimp (scuds), leeches, bugs as well as tiny baitfish as well as free-floating eggs.

Ideal Angling: October via March.

Search for: Little black areas bulk over the side line, emitting rows of areas on tail, no teeth in throat at rear of tongue.

Area: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Deer Lake, Devils Lake, Vegetation Lake, Fraser River, Poise Lake, Harrison Lake, Hicks Lake, Jones Lake, Kawkawa Lake, Lindeman Lake, Mill Lake, Pierce Lake, Schkam Lake, Stacey Lake, Weaver Lake.

Sockeye Salmon.

Most likely the most convenient recognizable salmon due to their ruby like ranges and also popular eyes. Examine regional angling laws ahead of time for the newest limitations which could transform at brief notification depending on the dimension of the runs.

Finest Angling: July with September.

Seek: Huge ranges, tiny black speckles, no areas on tail.

Area: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Fraser River.


Understood for the interesting fights they offer fishermens, they are an energised sea-run Rainbow Trout. Steelhead angling needs a preservation additional charge stamp on your angling permit and also guidelines on Steelhead angling could be subject to transform on brief notification.

Ideal Angling: January via April as well as July via very early September.

Search for: 50cm+ fork size, no teeth in throat at rear of tongue.

Area: Chehalis Lake, Chilliwack River, Cultus Lake, Fraser River, Mill Lake,.

White Sturgeon.

These antiques from the Jurassic duration are the biggest freshwater fish in The United States and Canada and also bring in fishermens from throughout the globe. Maturing to 19feet lengthy and also considering in at 1,360 extra pounds they could live to over 100 years of ages. When angling for White Sturgeon, there is a stringent preservation plan for this types which is catch as well as launch just as well as a signed up angling overview is highly advised.

Finest Angling: April with November.

Seek: 11-14 dorsal backs, weights, typically have white places on their sides, you’ll understand if you hook one!

Place: Fraser River.